Keyword SEO Research

This is the first step as well as the most important steps in starting or building your site. In this way the goal is to find or research the keywords that a potential for causing a lot of traffic into our site but there is still little competition, so the SEO techniques we will not be too difficult. For me research the keywords I use google external keyword tools.

If you possessed a google account, please sign-in first. then later I will decide niche (keywords on search phrases) would I target. To determine the niche, you can start from something you know or what is your hobby first.

With careful technique, you can see for yourself by trying it and there will be a list, from tracking per-month or cost per click.

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New SEO template 2013

I have not written, it is not because there is no inspiration at all. But the school is the real world that should be cultivated in earnest.

After surfing to find a cool template and optimally SEO, finally there also. pleasing to the eye and may also nice to wear, interested?

Features Make the Theme SEO Friendly

- Lot of Meta tags added to this theme.
- Iseo loads fast and that's a VERY good thing for any blog.
- Post title tag is header h1 and h2 tags is roomates is best way to increase of traffic.
- We remove Read More Button roomates help to increase of Google Pagerank.
- Fully Customizable
- Fast loading background.
- Good Looking Sidebar with Search Box

Let optimize blogs with this template.
NB: if you want to know more, or regulatory issues template. directly to the > blog author <

Google Keyword Tool and Google Website Tools Webmaster Chart

Recently, i use google facility for my blog, that's is Google Keyword Tool,
so, check out direcly

Google Adsense, Google plus and other stuff, that's make your traffic high.

Jadilah SEO White Hat

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) White Hat is honesty step for get a thing in cyber world. Tapi ada cara-cara yang hina untuk mendapatkan segala cara, terutama dalam Adsense, menggunakan cara curang agar pengunjung terjebak dan dipaksa untuk mengklik suatu periklanan, opps! bukan hanya dalam dunia Adsense saja tapi dalam segala aspek terutama experience in cyber world jika menggunakan cara Black Hat, itu tidak baik dan cara yang tidak terpuji.

Saya baru menyadari pentingnya sebuah integritas dalam  menjalani sesuatu terutama dalam teknik SEO ataupun dalam dunia periklanan, cara yang halal dan terpuji itu harus dilakukan karena akan ada kepuasan dan kebahagiaan tersendiri, dan ini disebut dengan cara SEO White Hat, cara-cara yang baik untuk mengoptimalisasi secara jujur.

Ada keutungan menjadi atau menjalankan teknik SEO White Hat.
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Memang masalah itu tidak bisa diduga dari setiap kondisi pastilah akan muncul terutama dalam dunia blogger atau web, tapi ini meminimali…

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